A motivational speaker provides an insightful and exciting new perspective on topics relevant to your company’s success. Whether it be cultivating team morale, or streamlining operational needs, Ellen’s presentations are sure to captivate your whole audience. Research has shown, a company’s optimism, teamwork and productivity skyrocket after a successful presentation. Employees have a renewed sense of motivation and comradery and this is beneficial to any company in any industry!

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Ellen has extensive experience in the health and fitness industry and this makes her unique in the professional speaking world. While other professional speakers approach the industry with only business experience, Ellen supplements this with countless years owning and operating professional fitness studios. With over 300 locations at the end of 2015, and one new studio opening every day in 2016, Orangetheory Fitness is North America’s fastest growing fitness chain. Ellen’s experience in the industry lays the foundation for an educational, motivational and exciting presentation to your organization.

The Sport and Fitness industry places high priority on teamwork and efficiency, two things no company can go without. Ellen’s extensive experience in both of these sectors proved invaluable to her company and she can share this with you! Company morale and solidarity, regardless of your industry, are the backbone of success. Your employees are your company and Ellen can communicate how to effectively facilitate an indispensable team environment.

A typical presentation is 30-40 minutes long and is heavily tailored to your perspective audience. Because Ellen and Orangetheory’s principles are so dynamic, they can easily be applied to a multitude of different sectors. Clients will work closely with Ellen and her team to ensure an exciting, engaging and memorable presentation.

Yes, prior to your speaking engagement, Ellen will get up-to-date information on your company, your employees and your goals. With these in mind, the presentation style and content will be tailored for maximum impact and engagement.

When you find something exciting you want to share it! Ellen’s past personal and professional experience conditioned her to never give up, and always go ALL OUT. This attitude translated into being one of the fundamental pillars of Orangetheory Fitness. Not only did this positive attitude prove invaluable in the fitness studio, it cultivated revolutionary change in client’s everyday lives. When Ellen saw what a positive impact these basic principles could have, she began to think big! Everyone, from small city councils to large multinational organizations can benefit from the simple principles Orangetheory promotes. At its very roots, change requires action, and Ellen’s goal is to be a positive catalyst for that change!