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Hi Friends!

Welcome back. I hope you enjoyed my first blog post and got a little glimpse into my hectic but wonderful world.

For my first “official” stab at blogging, I want to touch on something that I hear EVERY day in the studios.


I have heard them all. I have been the recipient of the most creative, bizarre and downright insane excuses as to why you did or did not make it into the studio that day.

While some are understandable, I have to admit I have gotten a chuckle from some of the creative fantasies you have generated in order to convince me why you can’t make it on the treadmill that day.


  • “It is raining!” – Well guess what, honey…You aren’t gonna melt!
  • “ I had to pick up my dry cleaning before the shop closed.”– For starters, I do not believe you have only one set of functional clothing. Second, your expensive, dry clean-only clothing is going to fit your body so much better after an interval session!

You guys aren’t getting anything by me.

While we are all human and all have that “I don’t want to work out” moment, I get my clients through that slump with a little helpful advice I am happy to pass on to you.

  • Don’t “feel” too much. Do not overanalyze the situation and look for excuses that are not there. Get dressed, tie your shoes and get on that treadmill. I promise, you aren’t going to regret it.
  • Have someone or something hold you accountable. Whether it is meeting a workout partner, or signing up for a class online, that external obligation might give you that extra needed push to crush your interval session that day.

Like I always say, you know you best. Please share your best motivators to get over excuses. I love to hear them!

Talk soon,

– Ellen Latham

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