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Gifts That Really Matter

It’s here – that gift-giving time of the year. Just the other day my sister asked me, “What do you want for Christmas?” And while there’s nothing I really need, her question got me thinking. A gift is so much more than what you can wrap in a box. A gift is something you give […]

The Rhythm Is Gonna Get You

“Let’s Get Physical.” I must have done a million grapevines on the aerobics floor to Olivia Newton John’s number one Billboard hit. I have always believed the reason that music and exercise go hand-in-hand is music’s ability to distract you from the exertion. I’ve blasted lots of great music over the past 40 years changing […]

Ready, Set, Reset Your Mojo

Ahhhhh those summer days. Waking up late, not having to run the kids around. That amazing feeling that you’ve freed up some time with a few less day-to-day responsibilities. And with that, you may not have been as consistent with your workout program – feeling a little lazy. That’s okay; it was a different kind […]


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