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Gifts That Really Matter

It’s here – that gift-giving time of the year.

Just the other day my sister asked me, “What do you want for Christmas?” And while there’s nothing I really need, her question got me thinking.

A gift is so much more than what you can wrap in a box. A gift is something you give to someone to show they are appreciated, they are special, and they are loved.

In the past year I have lived each of these things; I have felt appreciated, special and loved.

This year I have been shown amazing APPRECIATION by the more than 350,000 Orangetheory Fitness members who are changing their lives for the better with the Orangetheory Fitness workout. I am privileged to continue to develop a fitness platform that is becoming the top life-changing fitness program in the industry today.

My members at Ellen’s Ultimate Workout – some who have been with me for 15 years – continue to be my biggest cheerleaders and greatest source of support. My family, who are always on the sidelines, your LOVE has been enormous.

And talk about feeling SPECIAL – being named regional Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young was truly a highlight of my career. The speeches and interviews I’ve given in the past year, those feel pretty good, too!

So when I told my sister, “I’m good; I have everything I need,” it wasn’t just words – I was spot-on. There hasn’t been a time this past year when I didn’t feel appreciated, special and loved.

As you think about the gifts you’ll be giving this year, think about what really matters – think about what you can do to make someone feel appreciated, special and loved.

Need a great idea? Think about giving someone an EXPERIENCE. Take a child to the zoo or invite a friend for a walk. An experience forces you to make time, when often finding time is the greatest challenge of all.

Who doesn’t need a good laugh? How about tickets to a local comedy store? And of course, you can’t go wrong with a massage.
But if you want my number one recommendation, consider giving the gift of MOVEMENT. Moving changes everything – when you’re unhappy, stressed, overworked – movement gives you a boost, not just physically, but emotionally too. And who doesn’t want to move when they’re feeling great?

There’s nothing more inspiring than the gift of health. Check out the range of options at Orangetheory Fitness this year. Seriously, what could be better than giving someone the chance to become the best version of themselves in 2017?

Happy Holidays,

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