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Tapping Into the Energy of Love and Gratitude

Earlier this month we completed our two-week, network-wide campaign to raise funds for Augie’s Quest and the ALS Therapy Development Institute. Augie, a giant in the fitness industry who was diagnosed with ALS in 2005, has raised more than $50 million to put an end to this muscle-wasting disease.

Sure, I already I knew the Orange Family was special – in just six years we’ve created an international movement. But when at the end of our two-week campaign we not only reached our goal of raising $1 million – but more than doubled it – my heart filled with so many emotions. At the top of the list were love and gratitude.

That got me thinking about the culture we create in our studios – the love our members have for our coaches, the coaches for our members, and the entire studio team. You see, people come into an Orangetheory studio focused on fitness, but they leave with so much more. Most often, they’ve had a breakthrough; they’ve gotten a glimpse of the real possibility of becoming the best version of themselves. Add to that the gratitude – not just the kind of gratitude we experienced in the Orange Nation a few weeks ago, when we doubled our fundraising goal – but the gratitude that comes from the small things in our lives, the small steps we see in our studios every day – the member going from being a walker to a jogger, those extra splat points on the screen.

For the past 40 years, I’ve always believed I have been in the “EXPERIENCE” business – to see it in living color in our studios every day is powerful beyond words. When I flip on the microphone to my headset in front of the class I’m about to coach, I know the best experience for my members will come when they feel my love and gratitude. That’s what makes the Orangetheory experience so successful – it’s this type of fitness coaching that goes beyond fitness. I am so proud of every franchisee and every team member who understands this concept as well.

Now go out and share some love and gratitude – you’ll be amazed how powerful it can be.

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