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Learning & Burning in Palm Beach

This week more than 900 franchise owners, regional team members and studio operators will come together in Palm Beach, Fla. for the Orangetheory Fitness Learn & Burn Summit – our largest annual education event.

I can’t wait!

The collective energy of this group at the Palm Beach County Convention Center will be unbelievable – something few businesses get to experience.

Over three days, our amazing network will engage in interactive learning workshops, hear from dynamic leaders and business experts, connect with colleagues, and drill deep on every facet of fitness-based interval training. We’ll talk about strength and power group-based workouts, about building culture and offering 5-star service – we’ll talk about creating the Orangetheory experience.

How lucky is Orangetheory to have such an amazing network of dedicated lifelong learners?!! These are passionate people fully invested in our members and our mission. They are humble and energetic, and they never stop learning.

In a recent study on the attributes of customer service, respondents ranked “knowledge” as the number one factor in customer service. Being friendly and readily available ranked high, too, but knowledge topped the list.

What a privilege it is to work with these brilliant coaches, owners and team members who are committed to delivering not just the workout – but the Orangetheory experience.

I can’t wait to start burning with my colleagues and partners in Palm Beach – because I, too, will never stop learning.

How about you?

Talk soon,


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