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Ready, Set, Reset Your Mojo

Ahhhhh those summer days. Waking up late, not having to run the kids around. That amazing feeling that you’ve freed up some time with a few less day-to-day responsibilities. And with that, you may not have been as consistent with your workout program – feeling a little lazy.

That’s okay; it was a different kind of mojo….it was summer.

But now it’s fall; how are things looking now? Alarm goes off, you’re rushing to get lunches made, send the kids off to school, and perhaps get ready for work yourself.

Feeling a little mojo depletion?

How can you recharge your energy in this new routine? You know what I mean – put that skip back in your step to get your workout routine back on track.

Need a little help? Try these tips to reset your mojo:

  1. Get Physical! As soon as you start moving, circulating and putting that color back in your cheeks, you’ll feel better – I promise. Call a friend; my sister called me yesterday to get back to yoga. Prebook your workout classes. Booking your workouts a full month ahead of your time will help you to be more committed.
  2. Hang Around People Who Have Pulled Their Mojo Into Full Gear. These people will influence your motivation; they will inspire you to be the best you can be. When my son was growing up, I always told him the closest friends you have are the ones who will influence the direction in which you will go. Find great people to spend time with.
  3. Rewire Your Brain. Don’t focus on negative thoughts. Let’s say you gained 5 pounds over the summer – don’t pull yourself further into a funk. Focus on the positive things in your life and be grateful for all that you have. If you are following tips 1 and 2 above, those 5 pounds will be gone before you know it.
  4. Personalize Your Priority List. I am a major list maker. So when I need to get my mojo back, I list easier things to accomplish so I can gradually build momentum to get back on track. I take a day at a time to try to get through the next day with eating healthy, some exercise, some conversation and great people.

It’s okay, give yourself a little slack, but don’t let too much time go by before you start your work – or you’ll end up being that client that walks into my studio desperate because you gained 20 pounds since the summer AND you are depressed and wondering what happened.


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