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Letting Go

After a number of years in my current home, I’m getting ready for a move across town.

Room by room, drawer by drawer, I started making piles – one for things I wanted to keep, and one for things I was ready to let go. As the piles grew, I started to think about my life; I started to think about my routines and my goals. What of those did I want to keep, and what of those was I ready to let go? Was I hanging onto things that weren’t serving me any longer?

It’s funny how we keep things – and keep doing things – just because.

As I worked through the drawers, I came across four pairs of thick, white, slouchy leg warmers – remember those? They were all the rage back in the day, along with t-back leotards. And even though I knew I’d never wear those leg warmers again, I found myself wanting to hang onto at least one pair. What for? I need the space for my new, thin, sweat-wicking socks.

Maybe it was about not wanting to let go of my aerobic dance days.

That made me think about how important it is to let go – because if you don’t let go, you can’t move forward.
If I hadn’t let go of my aerobic dance days and the way we trained our bodies in the past, I never would have created the Ultimate Workout – the workout that became the Orangetheory Fitness workout.

Wow! Think about that. What an opportunity I would have missed if I hadn’t let go and allowed my brain to think about a better way to train.

Letting go doesn’t mean you have to let go of everything. Sometimes your gut says it’s not time to let go yet. I changed my ideas about training, but never let go of my passion for group training – and that clearly carried over to Orangetheory.

So on second thought, maybe I’ll hold onto that lone pair of leg warmers – even if just to remind myself that moving forward doesn’t mean I have to let go of everything. When your gut says it’s not time yet, it’s okay to not let go.

After all, those slouchy socks may just come back in style.

Talk soon,

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