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What’s Your Superpower?

Last week I spoke to a group of excited new coaches at an Orangetheory Fitness studio. I spoke to them about finding their superpowers.

We all have superpowers. And if you take a moment and think about yours, you will be amazed by your greatness and what you can bring to others.

Superman was a protector of all people and things; he had amazing superpowers.

I have been fortunate to have people in my life who know their superhero powers and use them. My father had the superpower to be positive and always focus on what he had – not what he didn’t. As superheroes go, let’s call him “The Eliminator.” He eliminated nonsense and distractions.

My partners at Orangetheory have superpowers – one has the ability to think big; one has relentless focus; and one is steady as we go, no matter what the seas are ahead. My sister always finds the good in others; my partner always clears a path for me to forge ahead.

It’s amazing what can happen when people share their superpowers with others.

In June, I was humbled to receive the EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 for service-based business in Florida. I accepted the award for my superpower – to be a visionary in the fitness world – and in gratitude for the superpowers of my partners at Orangetheory, and their support over the years.

I will always be grateful to the people who have shared their superpowers with me – especially my father, who nurtured my superpower of passion and vision, and taught me the power of believing “I can.”

So tell me, what’s your superpower? Have you shared it with anyone lately?

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